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Politics is changing and how you shape, inform and influence policy and decision making needs to change too.  It’s time to change the way you think about your approach to public affairs.

DevoConnect connects you to those who have the power to change minds across the UK. We are at the forefront of devolution and Metro Mayor plans and will help you communicate your ambitions and help you shape and influence tomorrow’s decision making process today.

The The DevoConnect Network brings together the very best communications professionals in the UK to help you get your voice heard ahead of the rest. Our DevoIntelligence Service keeps you up to date with the latest developments across the UK as they emerge.


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Time for a Northern Challenge

by Baroness Estelle Morris on January 31, 2018

Baroness Estelle Morris, Former Education and Skills Secretary  It is difficult to overstate the importance of a good quality education …

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Completing the Devolution Jigsaw

by Sam Popper on December 21, 2017

Gill Morris, DevoConnect I hope my Devo dreams will come true! With five devolution deals in the Budget, 2018 should …

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Devolution 2.0 – now beyond the tipping point?

by Gill Morris on November 29, 2017

If you look through the political fog over Brexit, and Mrs May’s struggles, you will see that devolution has a …

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