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Politics is changing and how you shape, inform and influence policy and decision making needs to change too.

DevoConnect is a consultancy with a purpose: to build more and better devolution across the UK, with public, private, and voluntary organisations and citizens. We design and deliver communications strategies, political consultancy, training, and event organising for organisations across the UK focusing on adapting to the future of devolution.

We are at the forefront of devolution and Metro Mayor plans and will help you communicate your ambitions to shape and influence tomorrow’s decision making process today.

The DevoConnect Network brings together the very best communications professionals in the UK to help you get your voice heard ahead of the rest. Our DevoIntelligence Service keeps you up to date with the latest developments across the UK as they emerge.

Devolution News & Views

Devo Intelligence

Steve Barwick: what will happen to devolution in 2020?

by Steve Barwick on January 7, 2020

DevoConnect have long been advocates of Devo 3.0 – the need for a new wave of devolution following the regional …

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Is there a new battle for the soul of the Conservative Party?

by Jack Hutchison on December 9, 2019

The Conservative Party’s guiding philosophy, in political lore at least, is pragmatism. Call it survival instinct. The left, partial to …

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What will Britain decide?

by Gill Morris on December 9, 2019

The final leaders debate provided Corbyn‘s with an opportunity to take control of the narrative before Britain decides its fate …

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