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Politics is changing and how you shape, inform and influence policy and decision making needs to change too.

DevoConnect is a consultancy with a purpose: to build more and better devolution across the UK, with public, private, and voluntary organisations and citizens. We design and deliver communications strategies, political consultancy, training, and event organising for organisations across the UK focusing on adapting to the future of devolution.

We are at the forefront of devolution and Metro Mayor plans and will help you communicate your ambitions to shape and influence tomorrow’s decision making process today.

The DevoConnect Network brings together the very best communications professionals in the UK to help you get your voice heard ahead of the rest. Our DevoIntelligence Service keeps you up to date with the latest developments across the UK as they emerge.

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Gill Morris: What’s Going On?

by Gill Morris on September 2, 2019

No one expected him to do it but he has. Boris Johnson’s surprise prorogation of Parliament means that MPs could …

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Mayor Andy Street: Time for Boris to Power-up Our Regions

by DevoConnect on August 30, 2019

In an exclusive piece for DevoIntelligence, Mayor of the West Midlands Combined Authority calls on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to …

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What the new cabinet means for the regions and English devolution

by Jack Hutchison on July 25, 2019

The question of what a Boris Johnson premiership means for anything is a vexing question. Most likely through tight-lipped prudence, …

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Will Grant Shapps Pass his In Tray Test?

by Steve Barwick on July 25, 2019

Pity (or not) Grant Shapps, who will be mulling his rather full in-tray today as the rest of us look …

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DevoConnect launches new collection of essays on health devolution

by Steve Barwick on July 2, 2019

Leading health sector thinkers examine important trend in health devolution operating ‘under the radar’. Senior politicians and health experts came …

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What does the Tory leadership race mean for HS2?

by Jack Hutchison on June 28, 2019

Of the two Tory leadership frontrunners only Jeremy Hunt has committed to deliver HS2. Boris Johnson will most likely carry …

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A New Government Can’t Cut Off the North

by Gill Morris on June 28, 2019

There is a very real danger that the shape of England will shift decisively if a new Prime Minister is …

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If the next PM really wants a Northern Powerhouse, he will back HS2

by Henri Murison on June 27, 2019

Last week marked the fifth anniversary of the Northern Powerhouse, set up by the then-Chancellor George Osborne. Since then, there …

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Amid national political turmoil, Local Industrial Strategies are the way forward for regions

by Ben Houchen on May 30, 2019

In both the recent local and European elections, we have seen a massive shift in the political landscape that cannot …

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Gill Morris: Boris and His Northern Powerhouse Promise

by Gill Morris on September 20, 2019

Boris has made a BIG promise to turbocharge the North.  With an election looming, whether before or after Brexit happens, …

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