Burnham: Mayors can be a ‘beacon of social justice’ in the face of Tory cuts


Category: Greater Manchester

In his bid to become Labour’s Mayoral Candidate for the region, Andy Burnham has argued that Greater Manchester could be a “beacon of social justice” for the UK, potentially leading opposition to the Conservatives away from traditional Whitehall politics. In an interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show he asserted that “Strong mayors in Greater Manchester and London can give Labour two poles of power that can protect people from the worst of this Tory government”. The first-ever mayoral elections of Greater Manchester will take place on Thursday 4th May 2017, in line with the wave of devolution changes that will take place throughout 2017. The ballot papers for electing Labour’s candidate for Manchester have been sent to members, with the successful candidate due to be announced before Parliament returns in September.

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