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Sadiq Khan: London needs stronger voice and new powers to boost growth

   on July 29, 2016, posted in London categories

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has made devolution a priority for his Mayoralty following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, arguing that further fiscal autonomy is needed to “protect London from the economic fallout of Brexit”. On the 14th July, he hosted political and business leaders from across London at a devolution summit, seeking to build cross-party support for further devolution for London. This week he renewed the London Finance Commission (LFC) and asked it to bring forward a new set of devolution proposals for London, arguing that “nothing should be ruled out”. It is expected that the LFC will build on proposals it put forward in 2013, when it concluded that Londoners should have a direct say over a greater proportion of taxes raised in their city and proposed devolving property tax revenues streams including council tax, stamp duty, land tax and business rates.

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