East Anglian devolution deal receives backing from the public


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Over 10,000 people have responded positively to a public consultation on the deal, which will split the region into two devo-deal areas, Norfolk & Suffolk and Cambridgeshire & Peterborough. Councils in the area will take the next two months to consider what to propose to Government.

However, polling has shown mixed support for elected mayors, with one poll indicating 62% of people in the region are against an elected mayor.  The proposed deals will create two new combined authorities, each having a directly elected mayor.

The discussions at present are being led by Adnams Brewery boss Andy Wood, who is also the former LEP chairman. Wood has criticised Whitehall’s understanding of the local area, saying that he has “had discussions in Whitehall [with people] who have not been aware Great Yarmouth is Norfolk, they think it is in Suffolk – or who get Suffolk and Sussex confused.”

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