North East devolution deal voted against


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The proposed devolution deal for the North East has collapsed after four of the seven local authorities voted against it, primarily due to worries over EU funding being lost post-Brexit. However, a North East Devolution Commission has been launched by former North East LEP Chair, Jeremy Middleton. Middleton will chair the Commission, which is made up of people with a wide set of expertise, including health, education and business.

The commission will release a series of papers outlining how devolution can improve the region’s NHS, improve work, and support young people’s life chances in the North East. It is launched following 5,000 people backing the campaign for North East devolution on Facebook.

On its launch, Middleton said the “The North East Devolution Commission will ensure that we concentrate on getting the best deal for the region and developing policies that can change our region for the better.”

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