What’s next for Devolution?


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So much has happened since the 23rd June it’s not true.  I have long argued that, with or without George, devolution is the future.  Labour have selected their mayoral candidates in Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester and I believe that Sheffield will soon be hot on their heels. Devosceptics have pointed to the North East and Leeds to cast doubt over Mrs May’s enthusiasm for the project. However, whether the deals are on or off the table I think there is strong evidence to suggest that Sajid Javid and Theresa May are planing a new  dawn for devolution with their names on it.  Most interesting is George coming back to the Devolution bench to make sure his Northern Powerhouse succeeds.  The devolution debate will be the hot ticket at Labour conference next week and it may be the only opportunity for Labour to redeem any power before 2020.

In our new look DevoIntelligence Bulletin we will be keeping you posted on all the news and views with regular bulletins and blogs.  In this DI  Jemima and Polly from the Fawcett Society pose the question, “Is devolution working for women?”  If we look at the all male candidates coming forward for selection the answer is clearly NO.  Devolution is an opportunity to achieve greater equality and fairness so we need to see better gender and ethnic balance – and soon!

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