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Labour could ‘make the political weather’ on devolution

Sam Popper

by Sam Popper on October 7, 2016, posted in Uncategorised categories

After Sajid Javid mostly avoided the topic of devolution at CPC16, attention is now turning to Labour. LSE’s Professor Tony Travers suggested advocacy of a radical devolutionary agenda could see Labour ‘enjoy hearing Conservative councillors offer them support’, writing in the LGC this week.

Alexandra Jones, Centre for Cities Chief Executive, has written in the MJ on Labour’s ‘lost opportunity’, after the Blair government had successfully advanced devolution, at least as far as Scotland and Wales go.

The political weather could come from the ground though, and if Labour have mayors of the wider areas of London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool by May 2017, they are likely to make their own demands. Indeed, Sion Simon said at a Labour conference fringe that Labour’s national devolution policy should be written by local leaders, due to a lack of expertise on the frontbench.

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