Lincolnshire councillor explains why she voted against the Greater Lincolnshire devolution deal


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In an article for the Lincolnshire Reporter, Mariane Overton explained why she voted against the region’s devolution deal. She cites difficulty in achieving democratic accountability, and unfeasible expectations for economic growth, as reasons for voting against it.

Mariane wrote that

We have all argued long and hard for devolution of powers and money to local government. With a £15m a year sweetener, what could go wrong?

The deal also relies on being able to achieve rapid economic development, despite national concerns. Paying back the borrowed money from revenue could be a tough call.

The Greater Lincolnshire proposal includes three upper tier authorities, seven tier two authorities, several hundred separate communities with their own parish councils, two police authorities and six health authorities (CCGs). The sheer logistics of democratic accountability to one person over 2,687 square miles and difficult roads is hard to visualise. When we are short of funds, is it the right time to create another layer of government?

Despite most councils in Greater Lincolnshire voting in favour, the deal could be dead in the water, after the County Council voted against proposals this month.

To view the full blog go to the Linconshire Reporter website.

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