West of England councils could pilot Business Rates retention


Category: West of England
Bath & North East Somerset Council, along with Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council, could all be part of the 100% business rates growth retention pilot that many devolution deals have included, according to the Bath Chronicle.

The Bath & North East council member responsible for reviewing the deal, Charles Gerrish, said that “In view of the financial challenges faced by councils nationwide, this pilot may be a valuable opportunity for Bath & North East Somerset Council to secure more local control and potential income for the immediate area and the wider region.

“The level of benefit depends on business rates growth and this opportunity is greater than applies outside devolution areas so could be a significant quick win for the area.”

The proposal would only have an effect in the short-medium term, as all councils in the country are likely to be part of the retention scheme, which the West of England’s councils would automatically join by 2020.

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