Sean Anstee: A 21st century vision for Greater Manchester


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Sean Anstee, Conservative candidate for Greater Manchester Mayor

Greater Manchester is gearing up to embark on a new chapter as we choose our new Mayor. Their actions will have a profound impact on the quality of life and opportunities available here for our population. The significance of this position and its potential force for change should not be underestimated.

Despite the approaching general election on 8th June it remains my clear view that the Mayoralty is more important than ever. As the Government inevitably becomes occupied with the intricacies of leaving the European Union, it will fall to the regions themselves to determine their own future and be places of new policy, ideas and creativity.

The shift towards devolved governance suggests that, however well-intentioned national government initiatives have been, the politics of Westminster has, for many decades, let us down. An unstable policy environment at the whim of change from ministers, a disconnect between those who take decisions and their electorate, and a lack of willingness to tackle tough issues head on.

These factors have left us today with burgeoning costs in health and social care, a housing crisis, a skills system that doesn’t reflect what employers need and general frustration at politicians.

On 4th May we can start to write the first words of our new chapter.

I have set out a vision for a Greater Manchester that is a 21st century place that is the envy of the world.

Cities across the globe look will look to us for leadership, for inspiration and for confidence that what we do here to connect our people with economic growth and tackle inter-generational social issues is an exemplar to other places. We can show that the decisions we take will lead a step change in securing sustainable and inclusive growth, a renewed focus on individual and family wellbeing and for the advancement of all our citizens no matter where they are in life.

That’s why I’ve put attracting the investment in skills, homes, jobs and transport at the heart of my offer to the people of Greater Manchester. And it’s why I am fighting hard to win this race.

The difference I bring to this contest is a humility and deep knowledge of the art of the possible having helped write the devolution deals as the Leader of Trafford Council. I’ve lived the experience of being born, growing up, travelling around, learning and working in Greater Manchester.

We deserve a Mayor who will put the interests of Greater Manchester above party politics. We should have a Mayor who has a track record of working across political boundaries. We need a Mayor who would best be able to influence Government to devolve more powers here. I am uniquely placed to do that and don’t just take my word for it: I’ve actually done it over the last three years.

We have a chance to make history in May and choose a confident, different and ambitious future.  That’s my offer to the people of Greater Manchester and why I am asking for their support.

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