Steve Barwick Heads North


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DevoConnect are delighted to announce that Steve Barwick has left Connect Communications and is back working with leading lobbyist Gill Morris in her new agency.

Gill sold Connect Communications last year and started DevoConnect, the first and only public affairs and communications agency focusing on devolution; working with clients to win support for greater investment, power and control outside the M25.

Founder and Chief Executive Gill Morris said, “This is great news for DevoConnect. I first started working with Steve in 1997 so it is wonderful to have him back on board.  He is one of the best and most professional lobbyists I know and together we will be a formidable force for change.  We both live in the North and have a shared vision.  DevoConnect is on a mission to change the way people think about lobbying. 19 million people in England already have a Metro Mayor and there will definitely be more devolution to come. In the future, decision making and control will not all stem from Westminster.”

Steve Barwick said, “Having been at the cutting edge of regional and devolution policy I wanted to make a big commitment at this crucial time for DevoConnect. It’s great that we are helping to define and shape the policy debate now that devolution is all set to deepen and widen.”

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