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Dan Jarvis won the recent mayoral contest in South Yorkshire. That was the easy bit. The next thing is showing there is a devolution dividend, as well as steer a course towards his stated goal of a One Yorkshire solution.

First on his to-do list is get the leaders of Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster together to identify some consensus for the way forward.

The next thing is to go back to Ministers to get some money. And then he will need a very clearly articulated plan. My experience with Campaign for Yorkshire is that it is quite hard to articulate exactly what devolution is for.

Yes, they would say in places like Barnsley, that’s great but does it get my bins emptied or more spending on the health service?

18 out of 20 Councils in Yorkshire back a One Yorkshire model but Dan Jarvis will need some early and quick wins to demonstrate what exactly devolution can deliver before he can move onto the bigger prize.

Whatever he does he will need support and help – and I for one want to make this happen not for Dan but for Yorkshire.

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