It’s time to open up the Powerhouse


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Devolution that genuinely includes local people is hugely important if we are to create a Northern Powerhouse that truly works for people and communities and is one of the key asks of the People’s Powerhouse movement.

The different geographies of the UK have unique and special identities. Devolution is not just about addressing local challenges –  it also means that our different communities can be recognised and celebrated. We need local creativity and innovation to flourish.

We’re pleased and positive about devolution and the opportunity it gives to focus on the potential of the North.  So many people are telling us they are waiting and wanting to have a say and be involved. We need lived experiences to help shape policy, delivery and change.

That’s where the People’s Powerhouse comes in. We will help through collaboration, connectivity and bringing in the voice of people from across the North at scale. We believe meaningful devolution can help create long term people prosperity for the North. Join us and find out more at

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