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DevoConnect are hiring!

by DevoConnect on December 20, 2018, posted in DevoConnect Announcement categories

Interested in devolution and the changing face of UK politics? Why not join DevoConnect. We are looking for the ideal candidate to join our growing business.

DevoConnect is a unique agency, led by leading lobbyist Gill Morris, working to shape, inform and influence the UK policy landscape and decision-making processes. We are on a mission to see greater powers and resources devolved away from Westminster and Whitehall.

We are leaders in devolved campaigns and public affairs; building strategic coalitions, consensus and engagement and want to hear from candidates who have proven public affairs skills and understand how Westminster and Whitehall work. If you are an ambitious and dynamic individual who wants to help build DevoConnect’s business, then please get in touch.

Further details of the Political Consultant advertisement are available here