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Party Conference 2020

by DevoConnect on March 3, 2020, posted in Uncategorised categories

This year’s Party Conferences will be lively, exciting and full of fresh thinking! Now is the time to consider how you will engage with these important events where new ideas are aired, campaigns gain traction and decisions are made.

DevoConnect can help you maximise your presence and profile at one or more of these conferences. Our prices are very competitive and our consultants are available now to advise on the best option – fringe meeting, private roundtable or dinner – so that you have maximum impact. Please contact Director Steve Barwick for an initial consultation via or call 07826 872375.

  • The Conservatives have a clear and working majority for the first time in ten years. Following a reshuffle and a Budget, they will be heading towards a Spending Review with confidence. But beneath their bravado many questions remain unanswered: how do you really rebalance the UK economically; what is the future for devolution; how do we resolve skills issue in line with Brexit planning; what is the plan to get to net zero; how do we get transport improvements to go up a gear sooner as well as later?
  • Labour will have a new leader and the opportunity to reflect on their long haul back to power. After elections in May, which are likely to consolidate their support in the core cities of the UK, there will be time for reflection on some big questions: how can Labour ‘reach out’ to the electors increasingly leaving them behind – the elderly and under-educated; what is Labour’s vision for a modernised constitution post Brexit; will policies on transport, skills and education be looked at again?
  • The Liberal Democrats will also have a new leader – from July 15th – and can be expected to have a serious conference on their priorities as they pick themselves up from the general Election result when their number of MPs actually declined by one. Questions they will be debating will inevitably include its policy regards Brexit with a trade deal only three months away; where can it develop distinct polices domestically and internationally different from the other two main parties?
  • The SNP Conference will be dominated by discussion regards another independence referendum in light of Brexit and its ongoing relations with the Government in Whitehall. But there will be plenty of discussion regards other policy matters on what is always a lively and well attended fringe – everything from net zero to devolution, housing to the environment, health to education.