Jonathan Morgan: How can the North West lead the way to Net Zero and a Green Recovery?


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The UK Government is the first to commit to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. Here in the North West, Greater Manchester has pledged to go sooner with a carbon neutral target of 2038.

Our focus on the environment, climate change and carbon reduction has been heightened by the current Covid-19 crisis. So how will we meet the challenge in the North West? Given the pressure to meet low-to-zero carbon solutions, it is clear energy policy needs to change too.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis Electricity North West, the power network operator for the North West of England, has proven its commitment to keeping communities running, supporting vulnerable customers and powering-up the North West. It is clear that our current relationship with energy needs to, and will, change as a result of the pandemic. As we shift to decarbonise our future, we forecast that demand for electricity will double as customers want cleaner, greener forms of transport and heating. As well as an increase in demand, we expect to see more and more customers connecting their own generation to our network such as solar panels and wind turbines; all of this will have a dramatic effect on existing electricity infrastructure.

Given the Net Zero challenge, the Government need to accelerate and scale-up decarbonisation plans now. In the North West we need greater flexibility and a regulatory framework to support our Net Zero ambitions.

Network operators like ENW will play a key role in this transformation. It’s our responsibility to provide a smart and flexible electricity distribution system which will meet the evolving needs of customers and support the region’s economic development.

We believe that now is the time to bring together North West energy suppliers and providers with political and business leaders to demonstrate a strong North West collaboration to lead the way in green innovation, skills and jobs in response and recovery.

Powering up the North, will focus on the so-called trilemma of how to protect the cost to consumers, decarbonisation and energy security. In the context of Covid-19 and net zero targets, the discussion will be based on determining policy asks on what needs to be done and the role ENW can play in “powering-up” green jobs and investment across the NW and wider UK. Electricity North West (ENW) are committed to leading the way to the North West’s recovery to the Covid-19 pandemic and to building back better.

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Jonathan Morgan, External Communications Manager, Electricity North West


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