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Pre-Covid the UK had a skills shortage and a failing education system that was rife with inequality. The pandemic has not only shone a light on these inequalities but deepened them. It has been a long time since Blair’s calls of Education, Education, Education but it is time for education and skills to lead the agenda again. This time led by England’s 10 Metro Mayors who will develop world class education systems and the skills needed for their regions. They just need to be given the powers.


Therefore we at DevoConnect are hosting the Northern Powerhouse Education, Employment and Skills Summit 2021 (NPEESS21), BRIDGING THE GAPS, 2nd December 2021.


Who really knows what the impact of the pandemic will be on the North’s education, employment, skills and future growth potential?

Even before the pandemic and Brexit there were huge economic, social and regional disparities and inequalities across the Northern Powerhouse.  As the UK emerges from the pandemic the true impact on education, employment and skills remains unfathomable. Many places in the North were locked-down for longer and are yet to comprehend what that means for tomorrow’s generation and the talent pipeline needed to boost recovery and accelerate growth.


The missed opportunities,  gaps in education and the lack of attainment in skills and qualifications caused by the pandemic will only feed the prevailing inequalities in the North’s cities, regions and towns.  These gaps look set to deepen and widen without levelling-up much needed investment, funding and powers to bridge the gaps left behind.


Now more than ever the North needs to come together to secure the North’s future prosperity and recovery. NPESS 2021 will be our 3rd major high-level summit designed to build consensus on what the North needs to improve life chances and deliver growth. NPEESS 2021 will provide a unique forum to kick start the debate on the impact of the pandemic on all those in education, training and employment across the Northern Powerhouse and ask what needs to be done to bridge the gaps and boost recovery in the North.


By bringing together political and business leaders across the North, NPEESS 2021 will send out a clarion call for a better deal for the North’s towns, cities and regions. NPEESS2021 will focus-in on the gaps left by the pandemic and Brexit and the need for investment in the skills and good jobs needed to increase prosperity and social mobility.


 You can now register your interest in the event by clicking here.

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