Party Conference 2020

by DevoConnect on March 3, 2020

This year’s Party Conferences will be lively, exciting and full of fresh thinking! Now is the time to consider how …

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The North is everywhere.

by Kathryn Petrie on March 2, 2020

The recent election has led many people to divide the country into the north vs. the south. At Westminster there …

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The Devo 3.0 Review

by DevoConnect on February 27, 2020

Laying the foundations for more and better devolution. The Devolution White Paper  must deliver wider, deeper and better devolution and …

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‘Levelling up the land’

by Jonathan Werran on March 2, 2020

Localis chief executive Jonathan Werran looks underneath the bonnet of the language of ‘levelling up’ to ask what should be …

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What will Britain decide?

by Gill Morris on December 9, 2019

The final leaders debate provided Corbyn‘s with an opportunity to take control of the narrative before Britain decides its fate …

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Manifesto for Devolution?

by Steve Barwick on November 22, 2019

DevoConnect’s Director, Steve Barwick, is underwhelmed by the devo content of the Labour manifesto The third General Election in four …

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