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DevoConnect is the first and best UK agency able to meet all your communications needs in all parts of the UK. Our public affairs and communications services work to shape policy and influence decision making locally and nationally.

Devolution across England and the devolved nations means that future policies and decisions will no longer be shaped, informed and influenced by Westminster and Whitehall alone. Power is being devolved to Metro Mayors who can set the agenda on housing, planning, skills, education, health, social care, new infrastructure, transport and connectivity.


Strategic advice, analysis, senior counsel, intelligence and insight

All organisations need strategic advice to help them manage risk and succeed. Make sure your finger is on the pulse by signing up to our DevoIntelligence service here. DevoConnect also provide bespoke monitoring, advice and analysis to ensure you are informed and aware of political news, developments and legislative change. We advise you on how to engage with decision makers and build support. We have the best political, management and media consultants across the UK who are available to provide senior counsel on the big issues impacting on your business. Our decades of award winning experience provide you with unparalleled political insight and intelligence to support you to achieve your communications objectives.


Political Risk Assessment

Political change creates uncertainty and presents risks. DevoConnect specialise in managing political risk and can help you to identify potential opportunities, threats and challenges. We identify the who, what, where, when and why in future policy development and provide you with management consultancy to help you minimise risk and navigate change.


PR, lobbying and Parliamentary engagement strategies

The need to raise your profile and your issues has never been greater. All organisations need good PR and a good reputation. We work with you to get your voice heard, build advocacy and profile. Our consultants and strategic counsellors have a thorough understanding of the people, policies and processes you need to influence decision makers at local and national level to promote your agenda. We are experts in building coalitions, campaigns and consensus which influence and shape future policy direction.


Corporate communications, management consultancy, crisis communications and media management

Politics is changing. You need to safeguard your reputation and protect against threats and challenges. The future political and economic landscape is uncertain so all organisations need to think about their corporate communications, reputation and how they can get the best out of their teams, build advocacy and skills and enhance their corporate reputation. In a crisis you need good PR and expert communications to help you weather the storm. A strong corporate message combined with successful media handling can help you Teflon-proof your reputation. Our media training and media professionals help you communicate seamlessly and professionally.


Training and workshop sessions to build public affairs skills advocacy and understanding

One of the best ways to build capacity and advocacy in your organisation is by training your key people. Our expert trainers, presenters and commentators work with your team to build teamwork and develop the communication skills they need to be trail blazers. We provide bespoke training courses to help clients develop and coach their key people. We also hold workshops with in-house teams to give them better knowledge and understanding of the changing political and regulatory environment in which they operate.


Stakeholder mapping, opinion and perception testing, political audits, policy proofing

Before you set off on your journey, you need to understand the political landscape you are faced with. To kick start and prepare your communications strategy, DevoConnect undertake stakeholder mapping exercises to identify the key people and stakeholders holding influence, power and leverage locally and nationally. We also undertake due diligence reportage, policy proof and horizon scan the political and policy landscape. In this way you can better target your messages, key asks and begin to effect real change.


Key message development, research, digital content and report writing

The power of the written word should never be underestimated. 24/7 communications means that you need strong messages which can be deployed and understood. DevoConnect works with you to brand and develop your key asks and messages. Key messages which will resonate and be remembered. Our expertise in PR and the media means we can make complex and technical issues easy to understand and get your message across. We help clients manage their reputation and profile by preparing the words, content and arguments to win support and change minds.


Major Conference and strategic event organization and community engagement

DevoConnect are professional conference and event organisers. We have organised major international conferences, national policy conferences, exhibitions, Roadshows, major consultation events, Party Conference fringe meetings, Parliamentary receptions, roundtables and dinners for a range of clients who utilise our expertise and knowledge of the policy landscape to make an impact and raise their profile. Our focus is on delivering tangible outcomes and influencing the policy agenda.

Get in touch – whether you’re a public, private, third sector, media, or voluntary organisation – we can help you to unlock the opportunities presented by devolution.

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