The Devolution Masterclass

Time: 10:00 - 12:30
Organiser: Gill Morris & Steve Barwick
Main Contact: emily@devoconnect.co.uk

£100 – £150

Is more devolution key to ‘Recovery?’

What does COVID-19 mean for the Devolution agenda? 21 million people are already served by England’s nine Metro Mayors and already this year, we have a new Devo deal for West Yorkshire. Which leads to the question; what and where is next? The case for further devolution and the need to both rebalance and save the economy will focus minds in the recovery of this health pandemic. Whatever happens, in the weeks and months ahead, it is clear that a nation once so divided by Brexit, will need to band together to rebalance and recover our economy. We will see further devolution of power and a shift away from Westminster-centric politics and control. Are you ready?

If you are in public affairs and political communications, anticipating these changes and maintaining organisational agility will be crucial to successful influencing and engagement. This unique Masterclass will make you re-think your public affairs approach and give you the information you need to negotiate this rapidly changing landscape and truly master the politics of English devolution.

The session will help you address these key questions:

  • Where next for English Devolution – post Brexit uncertainty?
  • What difference have the Metro Mayors made?
  • Who’s who? Who are the Metro Mayors and what do they want?
  • Have the Metro Mayors delivered on their pledges and how do they work?
  • How can you build leverage, engage with, and influence the Metro Mayoral agendas?
  • How do the Metro Mayors interact with local government in their areas and across the country?

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