Gill Morris Communication
Gill Morris Communication

The Devolution Masterclass

24th March, 10:00 - 12:30

Training The Clubhouse, 8 St James’s Square, London, SW1Y 4JU

26th March, 10:00 - 12:30

Training The Workplace, 4th Floor, Churchgate House, 56 Oxford St, Manchester M1 6EU

Are you prepared for the Metro Mayoral elections?

Devolution is here to stay. 21 million people are already served by England’s nine Metro Mayors.

The case for further devolution and the need to rebalance the economy will focus minds in post Brexit Britain. Whatever happens, in the weeks and months ahead, it is clear that the nation is so divided that the current Government needs to move toward further devolution of power and a shift away from Westminster-centric politics and control. Are you ready?

There is already a consensus among regional leaders that the London-dominated political debate cannot and will not continue after we have left the EU. Devolution of power has created huge changes in British politics already, and there will be further disruption of power in 2020 and beyond. Anticipating these changes, and maintaining organisational agility, is crucial to successful engagement in the years ahead.

This unique Masterclass will make you re-think your public affairs approach and give you the tools you need to negotiate this rapidly changing landscape and truly master the politics of English devolution.

During this session you address these key questions:

  • Where next for English Devolution?
  • Who’s who? Who are the Metro Mayors and what do they want?
  • How do the Metro Mayors work and have they delivered on their pledges?
  • How do the Metro Mayors interact with local government in their areas and across the country?
  • What difference have the Metro Mayors made?
  • How do you build leverage, engage with, and influence the Metro Mayoral agendas?


This DevoConnect Training course is delivered by devolution experts and award-winning communicators:

Gill Morris, Chief Executive, DevoConnect                  Steve Barwick, Director, DevoConnect


£150 private sector £100 voluntary/public sector