Gill Morris Communication
Gill Morris Communication

The DevoHousing Masterclass

1st July 10:00 - 12:30

Training Workplace, 4th Floor, Churchgate House, 56 Oxford St, Manchester, M1 6EU

 How can Metro Mayors tackle Britain’s Housing Crisis? 

Affordable housing and homelessness are major priorities for combined authorities and Metro Mayors across England. National Governments have consistently failed to build the number of homes needed to ensure housing remains affordable and have presided over a huge increases in homelessness and rough sleeping. How are our MetroMayors using their devolved powers to help meet the challenge and build quality and affordable housing in the cities and towns in their regions?  Their powers over Spatial strategies – covering housing, jobs and the environment – as well as the opportunity to create Mayoral Development Corporations provide a real chance to do things differently and deliver homes and places which support inclusive growth.  Devolution has created huge shifts in planning power at devolved level and more importantly an unprecedented opportunity for Metro Mayors to see strong places and communities being delivered.

For those involved in planning, building, designing and providing quality homes understanding the potential devolution brings is key.  Don’t miss this unique masterclass on DevoHousing and what it means.  Find out:

  • What devolution means for planning across the UK
  • How devolution is working to deliver social and affordable housing
  • How devolution is kick starting new approaches to tackling homelessness and rough sleeping
  • Why Metro Mayors are increasingly looking at the private rented sector intervention
  • What motivates Metro Mayors on quantity and quality of new housing

This DevoConnect Training course is delivered by housing and public affairs experts and award winning communicators:

Gill Morris, Chief Executive, DevoConnect                        Steve Barwick, Director, DevoConnect

Gill Morris                                                                       

Manchester, Monday 1st July, 10:00 – 12:30

Cost: £200 private sector £150 voluntary/public sector