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Gill Morris Communication

Understanding and Engaging with Health Devolution

10:00-16:00, 7th March 2018

Training St James' Club House, 8 St. James’s Square London, SW1Y 4JU

This one day workshop led by Phil Hope, former Minister of State for Care Services and Visiting Professor at the Institute for Global Health Innovation, Imperial College, London, and Steve Barwick, award-winning public affairs consultant and devolution expert, will help you understand health devolution – an increasingly important trend in health policy and politics since the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

The 44 Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) across England are new structures for designing and commissioning health and social care services that overlay or in some cases replace the CCG structures put in place by the Lansley Reforms. STPs are, in effect, a new sub-regional structure for managing health and social care services. And new ways of working such as Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) are completely new models of care for delivering services.

The devolved approach to health is most acutely visible in Greater Manchester where the Combined Authority now co-manages a £6bn NHS and social care budget with commissioners and providers through the Strategic Partnership Board. But this rapidly changing landscape is also to be seen in various other health devolution deals in areas such as Cornwall and Surrey, as well as the ever strengthening role of the Mayor of London and the GLA in public, and wider health issues.

Understanding, navigating and successfully engaging with these new structures and organisations is now a major priority for many public, private and charitable organisations seeking to improve health and care outcomes for their clients and beneficiaries at a time of growing demand and severely limited resources.

This one-day workshop will increase your knowledge and understanding of:

  • The changing health and social care landscape in geographical areas where funding and responsibilities for health has been devolved to new organisational structures
  • The implications of health devolution for the commissioning and provision of health and social services at different levels within an area
  • Accountability within health devolution areas and between devolved areas and national bodies including DH, DCLG, CQC, etc.
  • The health devolution landscape pressures – population growth, commissioner and provider deficits, Right Care improvement opportunities
  • The primary drivers of decision making (e.g. financial constraints, clinical quality measures, statutory obligations) among key players (e.g. Mayors, STPs, CCGs, Councils, acute providers, community health providers, accountable care structures) in health devolution areas
  • The specific factors influencing decision making in health devolution areas that are relevant to different organisational sectors
  • Effective ways raising your profile in health devolution areas
  • Effective ways of influencing commissioners and providers in health devolution areas.
  • Going to scale and partnership working within health devolution areas


Lunch will be provided.


// Not for Profit / Charity / Public Sector – £200.00

// Private Sector – £300.00


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